Innovative software solutions for a sustainable future.

Verdaniq was founded with the vision of using software to address societal challenges and inspire personal growth. Our mission is to create impactful solutions that are both commercially viable and freely accessible, always adhering to our core values of sustainability, excellence, ethical integrity.

A screenshot of reminders generated by an Outlook plugin

Settlement Reminders

Our first commercial product, Settlement Reminders, is an Outlook add-in and SaaS solution that helps solicitors and conveyancers manage critical dates related to property settlements efficiently.


Trachytalk is an assistive app that helps physiologically (as opposed to neurologically) non-verbal patients communicate effectively, to help improving their quality of life and ease of care. Trachytalk is free and open-source (And always will be).

Chazzwazza Games

Explore our free games developed under Chazzwazza Games (a couple of commercial games coming soon), aimed at entertaining while promoting environmental awareness and education. Check out our latest titles, The Legend of Engadine, which contributes to the fight against climate change, and Catmatch! an educational memory game.

What we do

At Verdaniq, we offer a range of software solutions that align with our commitment to sustainability and social impact. Our offerings include both commercial and free products.

Commercial SaaS Products

We develop commercial SaaS solutions like Settlement Reminders, designed to streamline critical date management for solicitors and conveyancers.

Mobile App Development

Our expertise in mobile app development allows us to create innovative, user-friendly applications.

Web and Cloud Development

Cloud-native products that deliver for web and mobile.

Free Mobile Apps

Our free mobile apps, like Trachytalk, are designed to address specific needs and improve quality of life for users.


Under Chazzwazza Games, we develop engaging and educational games such as The Legend of Engadine, contributing to environmental awareness and sustainability.

Bringing people together

Many of our products (especially our upcoming projects) aim to bring people together and restore a sense of community in these highly divisive times.

Matt Goldman

Matt Goldman founded Verdaniq after a successful career in management and consulting, driven by a desire to make meaningful contributions to the world. With a strong commitment to ethical values and a focus on minimizing life's daily distractions, Matt aims to create software solutions that empower individuals and challenge societal problems. His unique perspective, gained from working across various industries, helps align Verdaniq's products with both business and personal growth goals.

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